Smt Manda Sudharani (Carnatic vocal)

Manda SudharaniSmt Manda Sudharani is an “A-Top” grade Carnatic Vocalist from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. A proud disciple of “Vaayuleena Vidya Praveena”  &  “Sangeetha Kala Sagara”  Sri Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao, who is known for the traditional Gurukula system of teaching. She is the first person to introduce and perform the  “Shat kaala Pallavi”.  She is the first artist to popularize pallavis of  all varieties since 1980s and brought gravity to the Concert Format in Andhra. Her “Ragam Thanam Pallavi” are known for both technical excellence  &  aesthetic  appeal.

Smt Manda Sudharani holds a Diploma and Masters in Music from Andhra University. She learnt initially from K Rangacharyulu and Seshumani. However, her performing abilities and musical values have been crystallised by Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao of Vizianagaram. Manda Sudharani is well-versed in the grammar of Carnatic music and is rooted in classicism. She has popularised the format of ‘Pallavi Singing’ since early 1980s. She has rendered ‘Shat Kaala Pallavi’ (Pallavi in 6 speeds). She has also performed concerts with Pallavis having three ragas (Triraga Pallavi) with 2 talas and both talas shown simultaneously with both hands during the concert. Her Swara Kalpana in Vakra Ragas are admirable. She is a regular at the AIR and SPICMACAY.

ARTIST WEBSITES: Wix – Blogspot – Wikipedia

CONCERT REVIEW: 2009 Madras Music Season: Manda Sudharani (includes many excellent concert samples, for example this one)

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