Dr Vivek Apte (vocal)

Vivek Apte

Dr Vivek Apte has been trained in Hindustani classical singing during his early school years at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in India. In Sydney, he has received Hindustani classical vocal training under the guidance of Mrs Ketaki Dongre – a highly accomplished singer and a music teacher.

Over the years, Vivek has performed at numerous public and private concerts in India and Australia. He is a well known singer and a harmonium player in the Indian community in Sydney and Melbourne.

Vivek is a self-taught, accomplished harmonium player. He has accompanied several Hindustani classical vocalists over the years, many of whom have been visiting from India.

Apart from Hindustani classical, Vivek’s forte is singing semi-classical, bhajans, ghazals, and light popular music.
Music and singing is Vivek’s passion and a hobby, and he considers himself a lifetime student of Hindustani classical music, which is a vast ocean of knowledge and bliss.

Dr Vivek Apte is a consulting engineer and the founding Director of A V Fire Engineering Pty Ltd in Sydney. After completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Newcastle, Vivek has worked for nearly three decades as a research scientist/ engineer / consultant/ manager in Govt and private sectors, including CSIRO, Sydney University and WorkCover.

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