Smt Darshana Hingu (Kathak dance)

Darshana Hingu

Darshana is one of the most prominent Kathak artists of the present generation in Australia. Her performances show a rare command over fundamentals of Kathak dance style. Her performance has always presented a rare combination of expression, rhythm and grace. Her aesthetical approach is reflected in both the interplay of complex rhythmic technique, and in expressive interpretation of emotive poetry. Endowed with a vivacious stage presence, Darshana’s total involvement in dance and joyous spontaneity brings to her performance a rare dignity and intensity.

Darshana is postgraduate in dance from Faculty of Performing arts, M.S. University, Baroda, India. She trained under the very special guidance of renowned guru of Jaipur Gharana, Pandit Harish S. Gangani who has heritage of this particular art form from seven generations. He is a proud son of the great scholar and exponent Pandit Sundarlal Gangani who has been honored with “Rastrapati Award”. Apart from his father Pt. Harish Gangani also got opportunity to be trained under his uncle Pt. Madanlal Gangani and from his dada guruji Pt. Hajarilal Gangani from Merath. He is serving this dance style in Faculty of Performing Art since 1982 as a Reader. Also he is B+ grade Tabla artist in India. He has trained and accompanied many nationally and internationally renowned artists. He is member of a Board of Studies and expert examiner, and has also been honoured by Sangeet Natak Academy.

Darshana has performed extensively in India, New Zealand and in Australia and also choreographed dance and dance dramas. In addition to regular dance classes, workshops and programmes, her school also participates in many activities for cultural exchange. Her endeavour is to pass on the expertise that she has learned from her teacher, to her students, which she thinks is the best tribute to her guru whom she holds on high esteem, and to promote this culture and heritage in Australia. She believes firmly in the fact that when a dream becomes a desire, it will ultimately become a delight.

The body sculpts the space
The mind etches the moods
My soul soars in this unison, as I celebrate life through dance.

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