Dr Helena Joshi (Padhant – Kathak dance)

Dr Helena Joshi has performed Kathak dance solo at Sangeet Mela twice: first as a Rising Star Award winner in 2014, then as a featured artist in 2015. Now in 2019 she returns to give Padhant (recitation of bols) for her student Ku Saee Sane (Rising Star Award – Kathak dance).

Helena Joshi has learnt many styles of dance in the past including Indian, Bollywood and various western styles of dance including jazz, tap, ballet, latin and contemporary dance. However she always had this intuitive feeling and resonance towards Classical Indian Dance. Two years ago whilst studying Medicine, destiny answered her intention and introduced her to her Guru Prerana Deshpande whilst travelling to India. Since then she has travelled to Pune, India three times and learnt Kathak in a guru-shishya parampara for a total of 5 months over 2 years and return to Australia in the year and engage in daily ‘riaaz’ whilst continuing full time university.

Helena Joshi (Kathak dance)Helena’s Guru, Prerana Deshpande is one of the leading exponents of Kathak dance in India. She studied Kathak under Guru-Shishya Parampara from legendary Dr. Rohini Bhate, the doyen of Lucknow and Jaipur gharanas for over twenty years. Prerana Deshpande is known for equal mastery over various aspects of Kathak. She is particularly renowned for her graceful movements, abhinaya (expression) and command over the laya. Her deep understanding of music and literature has led to scholars and critics acknowledge her as a ‘Complete Kathak Artist’.

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