Ku. Senjuti Maitra (vocal)

Senjuti Maitra (vocal)

Senjuti Maitra started taking formal lessons in classical music in Kolkata, Agarpara from Amit Chakraborty, Bhavna Sangeet Academy. Since moving to Brisbane in 2008 she is continuing lessons through Skype from Amit Chakraborty.
Ragas learnt so far: Bhairab, Emon, Bilabal, Kaafi, Bhupali, Bageshree, Brindabani saarang, Khambag, Bhimpalashri, Ashabori, Desh and Durga. She has performed commercial and semi-classical music several times on various platforms like the Bengali Society of Queensland Cultural Programs, Girmit Society and Sangeet Premi Club, Brisbane.


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