Sangeet Mela 2014



Presented by Sangeet Premi Club and EthnoSuperLounge, Sangeet Mela 2014 brings together talented international and interstate musicians in collaboration with the best of Brisbane’s North Indian classical artists in a celebration of Hindustani classical music and dance on a scale never before seen in Brisbane. 

Tickets @ Door: $45 / $40 conc* / $140 families / $160 VIP
* conc includes BEMAC and Sangeet Premi Club members
Dr Vivek Apte (vocal) from 230pm.
Sri Sangeet Mishra (sarangi) from 815pm.

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The inaugural Sangeet Mela will feature two international artists: Govinda Chakraborty (Delhi) recently retired as professor of tabla at Kathak Kendra (the national Kathak dance college); Sangeet Mishra (Mumbai) represents the 8th generation of sarangi masters in his highly respected family. Both artists will be enriching the festival with their able accompaniment and dynamic solo performances.

Visiting from Sydney will be accomplished classical vocalist Dr Vivek Apte. Tabla master Maharshi Raval and Odissi dancer Lillian Warrum complete the roster of artists visiting Brisbane for the festival, joining local artists including Rahim Zullah (vocal), Saikat Bhattacharya (sitar), Darshana Hingu (Kathak dance) and Shen Flindell (tabla).

Sangeet Premi Club are proud to announce the 2014 winners of the Sangeet Premi Rising Star Awards: Vocal – Senjuti Maitra, Kathak dance – Helena Joshi, Tabla – Arka Tito Basu, Sitar – Anjuha Ketheeswaran.

Other highlights include Kathak dance with live musical accompaniment, and delicious food and drinks by Sitar Restaurant.

Sangeet Mela 2014 and the Sangeet Premi Rising Star Awards are made possible through the generous support of major sponsors Brisbane Indian Times, venue hosts BEMAC and additional sponsors Sitar RestaurantSpirited Events and Target Tours and Travels.

A Queensland Cultural Diversity Week event proudly brought to you by the Queensland Government.


Download PDF of the souvenir programme booklet here. Printed version will be available on the day.

Early Afternoon Session: 1pm to 3:20pm


Late Afternoon Session: 4pm to 6pm


Evening Session: 7pm to 9pm


VOCAL – Dr Mansey Kinarivala, Smt Menaka Visvanathan Thomas
TABLA – Sri Govinda Chakraborty, Sri Maharshi Raval, Sri Shen FlindellSri Arka Tito Basu
SARANGI – Sri Sangeet Mishra
HARMONIUM – Sri Rahim ZullahSri Joseph Abhay Nand
BANSURI – Sri Murali Ramakrishnan

Sangeet Mela 2014 programme cover


Sri Govind Chakraborty (tabla) - GOVIND CHAKRABORTY, an outstanding exponent of TABLA, is a senior disciple of Tabla Wizard Sri Asutosh Bhattacharya, who was a noted disciple of Tabla Samrat Pt. Kanthe Maharaj of Banaras. A commerce Graduate, Sangeet Praveen (M.Mus.) and recipient of National Scholarship, Govind has been awarded the title of TAAL-MANI by Sur-Singar Samsad, Bombay. An established […]
Dr Vivek Apte (vocal) - Dr Vivek Apte has been trained in Hindustani classical singing during his early school years at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in India. In Sydney, he has received Hindustani classical vocal training under the guidance of Mrs Ketaki Dongre – a highly accomplished singer and a music teacher. Over the years, Vivek has performed at numerous public […]
Smt Darshana Hingu (Kathak dance) - Darshana is one of the most prominent Kathak artists of the present generation in Australia. Her performances show a rare command over fundamentals of Kathak dance style. Her performance has always presented a rare combination of expression, rhythm and grace. Her aesthetical approach is reflected in both the interplay of complex rhythmic technique, and in expressive interpretation of emotive poetry. Endowed […]
Sri Rahim Zullah (vocal) - Rahim Zullah was born in Suva, Fiji. He comes from a family of music lovers with its roots in Indian classical music and has 5 CDs to his credit – Fiji Ka Safar (A Fijian Journey) Vol. 1 & 2, Tum Ho, Multi Faith Songs, and Music Masala – a spicy blend of Brisbane’s musicians, […]
Lily Warrum (Odissi dance) Ku. Lillian Warrum (Odissi dance) - Lillian  has been dancing classical dance styles since 4 years old. She trained as a classical ballerina from a young age and later fell in love with the enchanting melodies and grace of Odissi dance and music. She started studying Odissi in India and later moved to Melbourne to study with Monica Singh, who is […]
Smt Menaka Visvanathan Thomas (vocal) - Menaka Visvanathan Thomas has been a student of Karnatic (South Indian) Classical music since the young age of 5 years. She received tutelage under the loving and inspiring guidance of her mother, Mrs Vijaya Visvanathan, the principal of the Sri Krishna Music Academy in Brisbane. She has a passion for sharing the divinity of Indian […]
Sri Rahim Zullah (harmonium) - Rahim Zullah was born in Suva, Fiji. He comes from a family of music lovers with its roots in Indian classical music and has 5 CDs to his credit – Fiji Ka Safar (A Fijian Journey) Vol. 1 & 2, Tum Ho, Multi Faith Songs, and Music Masala – a spicy blend of Brisbane’s musicians, […]
Sri Maharshi Raval (tabla) - Maharshi is a promising tabla player from Benaras Gharana (school) living in Sydney. Maharshi is a student of Late Pt. Nandan Mehta who was a disciple of the legend of Benaras Gharana Late Pt. Shri Kishen Maharaj and has been learning for the last 25 years at Saptak School of Music in Ahmedabad. He has travelled extensively to various […]
Sri Joseph Abhay Nand (harmonium) - Joseph Abhay Nand is a stalwart participant in the Brisbane Indian classical community. Originally from Fiji, he learnt harmonium from Ustad Mohammed Hussein from Pakistan and Ustad Mehmood Dholpuri from India. He is also accomplished in both tabla and vocal. He learnt tabla from his elder brother Sri Viveka Nand, Ustad Mubarak Khan, Pt Surendra Bhatt and Ustad Hashmat Ali Khan, […]
Sri Sangeet Mishra (sarangi) - Maestro Sangeet Mishra is a talented musician and capable exponent of Indian music in the Benaras tradition. Sangeet comes from a long line of sarangi masters from India’s holiest city, Varanasi, and has performed with leading artists in India and around the world. He first learned to play sarangi from his father Pandit Santosh Mishra, […]
Sri Saikat Bhattacharya (sitar) - Saikat Bhattacharya has been playing the Sitar for over twenty four years. Playing the sitar has been his passion and devotion. His motivation to learn came from his parents more particularly his mother. Saikat’s first teaching began in early nineties under the supervision of his first Guru Pandit Manilal Nag of Calcutta, in India. At […]
Sri Shen Flindell (tabla) - Shen Flindell started learning tabla in Melbourne from Sri Debapriya Bhattacharya in 1994 and soon went to the holy city of Varanasi in India to study under Pt. Kaviraj Ashutosh (“Ashu Babu”) Bhattacharya, a great tabla master of the Benares Gharana. Shen is now mainly based in Brisbane, Australia, but typically spends several months of […]
Sri Murali Ramakrishnan (bansuri) - Murali Ramakrishnan is one of the senior Venu/Bansuri players in Australia. Murali learnt Karnatic (South Indian classical) music under the guidance of Sikkil Sisters Neela and Kunjumani. Murali had his training in Hindustani music from Pandit Krishnanand of Kirana Gharara. Murali draws inspiration from both music styles and creates soulful music that touches the heart. […]
Dr Mansey Kinarivala (Hindustani vocal) - Dr. Mansey Kinarivala has previously performed vocal solo at Sangeet Mela 2015, and in 2014 gave vocal accompaniment to Smt Darshana Hingu (Kathak Dance). In 2019 Mansey will be giving vocal accompaniment to Ku Saee Sane (Rising Star Award – Kathak dance). Dr. Mansey Kinarivala started learning classical vocal music at the age of 6, […]


Sangeet Premi Rising Star Award 2014 Winners

Ku. Senjuti Maitra (vocal) - Senjuti Maitra started taking formal lessons in classical music in Kolkata, Agarpara from Amit Chakraborty, Bhavna Sangeet Academy. Since moving to Brisbane in 2008 she is continuing lessons through Skype from Amit Chakraborty. Ragas learnt so far: Bhairab, Emon, Bilabal, Kaafi, Bhupali, Bageshree, Brindabani saarang, Khambag, Bhimpalashri, Ashabori, Desh and Durga. She has performed commercial and semi-classical music several times on […]
Ku. Anjuha Ketheeswaran (sitar) - Anju began learning the sitar in 2011 under the guidance of Smt Shrabani Choudhury, who is learned in the Vishnapur Gharana. Anju has since performed at many community programs organised by the Tamil Association QLD and the Varnam Cultural Society including ‘Nrityanjali’ (an Indian Classical Dance Festival), and religious festivals held at the Sri Selva […]
Sri Arka Tito Basu (tabla) - Arka Tito Basu has been learning tabla for 11 years now, since 2003, and recently received a distinction in the Grade 8 Tabla Exam from Pandit Ram Sahai Sangeet Vidyalaya (PRSSV), London. He has also received three first places in the Ashu Babu Memorial Tabla School concerts and has had the opportunity to perform with his guru-ji Shen Flindell […]
Dr Helena Joshi (Padhant – Kathak dance) - Dr Helena Joshi has performed Kathak dance solo at Sangeet Mela twice: first as a Rising Star Award winner in 2014, then as a featured artist in 2015. Now in 2019 she returns to give Padhant (recitation of bols) for her student Ku Saee Sane (Rising Star Award – Kathak dance). Dr Helena Joshi is […]


As part of Sangeet Mela’s mission to foster Indian classical culture in Brisbane, four young artists will be given the opportunity to perform at the festival and will receive a “Sangeet Premi Rising Star Award”. Each year one award may be given in each of four categories: Vocal, Instrumental, Percussion and Dance.

Download the Rising Stars Application Form here. (Instructions on submitting your application are in the form.)


  • Four awards – Vocal, Instrumental, Percussion, Dance.

  • Applications close 5pm Friday 25th July. Winners will be informed by Friday 8th August

  • Winners must be available to present 20 minutes performance at Brisbane Sangeet Mela on Sunday 7th September at QLD Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point.

  • Open to applicants born after 7th September 1989 (under 25 years old on the date of Brisbane Sangeet Mela).

  • Judging committee may not give an award if quality of applications is deemed insufficient. In this case, an additional award might be granted in another category.

  • Past/planned study trips to India viewed favourably.

  • Applicants should submit the completed application form along with support material.

  • Compulsory support material – video file of applicant’s example performance.

  • Optional support material – press reviews, references from guru and/or other respected parties.

  • Winners may choose their own accompaniment for the concert, or have accompanists arranged by the Brisbane Sangeet Mela Organising Committee. Please note there is no budget for paying these performers.

  • NEW: Applicants who are having difficulty completing their applications in time due to observance of Ramadan should still submit the application form by the deadline of Friday 25th July with a cover note explaining that the video component will be submitted later. Deadline for video in this case is Monday 4th August.

Requirements for 20 minutes performance

  • Vocal – minimum 1 Chhota Khyal or Dhrupad bandish; other pieces may be classical or semi-classical.

  • Instrumental – performance of one raga including alap and 1 or 2 gats.

  • Percussion – tabla or pakhawaj lehera accompanied by naghma.

  • Dance – Classical Kathak or Odissi performance. May use live accompaniment or CD, but preparation of live accompaniment will be viewed favourably.

Video submitted in application should reflect these requirements.

Download the Rising Stars Application Form here.

For further information, please email

Sangeet Mela 2014 Workshop – Ragas and Talas


Sri Govinda Chakraborty (tabla – Delhi) and Sri Sangeet Mishra (sarangi – Varanasi) present a 1.5 hour workshop on North Indian classical Ragas and Talas, suitable for all levels, on the morning of Sangeet Mela 2014.

Workshop: $30 / $25 conc*
* conc includes BEMAC and Sangeet Premi Club members

Topics presented will be tailored to the level and numbers of participants. Please email to register for the workshop and provide details of your level and interests.

Possible topics include:

  • Guided demonstration of performance of raga.
  • Identification of Ragas and Talas.
  • Ragas for different seasons or times of day.
  • Rhythmic devices such as tihais and layakari.
  • Open question and answer session

Sri Govinda Chakraborty and Sri Sangeet Mishra will also be available for private lessons in the weeks before and after Sangeet Mela 2014. Please contact Shen on 0415106428 or for more details.


Sangeet Mela video playlists (18/4/2017) - We’re very happy to announce that all the performance videos from Sangeet Mela 2016 are now available online on both our Facebook page and Youtube.  Here are the Youtube playlists for each of the past 3 Sangeet Melas:
Sangeet Mela 2014 report (27/1/2015) - This article was originally printed (with just 2 photos) in the October 2014 (Diwali) edition of Brisbane Indian Times. For more photos please visit our Facebook album. Sangeet Mela 2014 Report “Actually that was the first time I’ve been to a classical concert, and I really enjoyed it. I’m much more interested in my tabla practice […]
Videos of Sangeet Mela 2014 (8/1/2015) - Thanks to our volunteer videographers, Acintya and Soolaba for these fantastic videos of Sangeet Mela 2014.
Sangeet Premi Rising Star Award 2014 Winners (14/8/2014) - Sangeet Premi Club are proud to announce the 2014 winners of the Sangeet Premi Rising Star Awards. Please check the Sangeet Mela 2014 Programme page for their performance times. Ku. Helena Joshi (Kathak dance) – Helena Joshi has learnt many styles of dance in the past including Indian, Bollywood and various western styles of dance including jazz, tap, […]
Tickets now available (29/7/2014) - All tickets are now available – workshop tickets here and concert tickets here. WORKSHOP 10am – 12 noon Sun 7 Sep  Tickets $30 / $25 conc* CONCERT 1pm – 9pm Sun 7 Sep  Tickets $40 / $35 conc* / $120 family * conc = Sangeet Premi Club members, BEMAC members, pensioners, unemployed  
Call for Young Indian Classical Artists (4/6/2014) - Sangeet Premi Club is calling for young Indian Classical artists under the age of 25 to apply for the Sangeet Premi Rising Star Awards, which will be presented at the inaugural Brisbane Sangeet Mela to be held on Sunday 7th September at Queensland Multicultural Centre (BEMAC) in Kangaroo Point. The awards will be granted in […]
Brisbane Sangeet Mela: website coming soon! (17/4/2014) - The inaugural “Brisbane Sangeet Mela” Indian classical music and dance festival will be held at Queensland Multicultural Centre (BEMAC), 1pm-8pm Sunday 7th September as part of Cultural Diversity Week at BEMAC. More info coming very soon!