Ku Ananya Muralidharan (Hindustani vocal)

Ananya Muralidharan (Rising Star Award - Hindustani vocal)

Ananya Muralidharan began her early training in Carnatic music at the age of 5 from Smt. Raji Krishnamoorthy, and Smt. Suma Rudrapatna (2003-2008). Growing up in Adelaide, she was a regular performer at the Shruthi Adelaide (Inc) organisation’s community events. She was a School Choir member during 2007-2008. Decided to withdraw from the choir, since it was affecting her Indian diction and style of singing. She commenced Hindustani style singing in 2010, learning locally in Adelaide from Smt Kalindi Chirmuley. In 2012 she began training from Smt Shucita Rao (Boston) over Skype, and since 2014 has learnt over Skype from Smt. Apoorva Gokhale (Mumbai).

3 thoughts on “Ku Ananya Muralidharan (Hindustani vocal)

  1. Suma Rudrapatna

    Excellent Anu, well done.
    I am very proud that you have won an award and presenting in this program.
    May god bless you for the exciting times ahead for a hard effort of yours come out in flying colours
    All the best
    Suma Aunty

  2. Raji

    Dear Anu, so impressed. We are sending our prayers, good thoughts and good luck towards you and we know that you do your best.

    Raji krish


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