Smt Susmitha Ravi (Carnatic vocal)

A powerful yet melodious voice, evocative method of rendition that reaches out to the audience and music that is the product of intense concentration and dedication are the characteristics that distinguishes Susmitha as a Carnatic Vocalist.

Susmitha has, over the years, enthralled Carnatic music lovers with her vocal music performances in various Music Sabhas and temples in Mumbai during the festival season and has performed in Kerala and Chennai as well.

Susmitha specialises in singing for dance performances, including the traditional dances of Kerala, ‘Mohiniyaattam’ and ‘Kaikottikali’. Susmitha has sung for many Bharatnatyam arangetrams and had an unique opportunity to sing for an arangetram with Guru Adayar Lakshmanan. Her voice has supported Mohiniyattam performances of renowned dancer Sunanda Nair and Kutchipudi performances of Sonia Nair. Her soulful rendition of folk music has been appreciated by one and all. She has also lent her voice to many audio cassettes featuring traditional music of Kerala. One such song has been featured in a film and was also aired on national television.

Susmitha teaches Carnatic music and bhajans to children with the intention of creating awareness about this art among the younger generation.

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